The Lost Art of Letters

The Lost Art of Letters

Postcard from Ed
My friend Ed Vielmetti has a lovely practice. He sends postcards to friends on a regular basis.

He told me about this when I first met him more than a decade ago at one of Jerry Michalski’s soul-changing retreats.

I thought it was a wonderful way of reviving old fashioned letter writing on a micro-scale.

Today I received one of Ed’s postcards. It was of one of my favorite places on the earth: the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago. This is a sacred space for me, where I am constantly reminded of the reverence of community, and the joy of play even into the wee hours of the morning.

I don’t think Ed knew this when he sent me this postcard. It was something he had picked up on one of his day trips to Chicago. The synchronicity was perfect.

Thanks Ed for this beautiful gift. You absolutely made my day. <3 [my-sig]