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The Binti Project

The Binti Project

March 30th, 2013: “Having a bad day? Put your hand over your chest. Feel that beat? It’s called purpose. You’re here for a reason. Don’t leave without one.”

I remember the day that our brother, Dennis Kimambo, wrote that note.

2 1/2 weeks later he went missing in Nakuru, Kenya. On April 30th his wife, Faith, told us he had been murdered. Dennis left behind two little girls, and a baby waiting to be born, a daughter that he would never meet.

I’ve kept in touch with Faith. In the 4 years that have passed she has worked so hard to raise those little girls alone. One of the biggest challenges has been providing for their continued education. Kenya’s government schools are free, but their education level is poor due to lack of resources and funding.

⏩ Today I’m asking you to join me in creating a safety net for our brother Dennis’ daughters. ⏪

Click through to learn more about the “Binti” project, and how you can help …

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