The Learning Lab


Here are some of the Categories you’ll be able to choose from when we begin bringing our courses online this spring:


Small Business Bootcamp

This spring we’ll be launching a pilot project in the Windsor-Essex community to help people who are starting small businesses learn more about the ways they can use no-cost and low-cost online tools to fund, launch and be supported.

The program will focus on simple, inexpensive ways of using online resources to extend your reach, engage with customers and innovate.

The initial focus will be on finding creative ways for women at risk to lift themselves out of poverty. The course is intended to make it easy for women with little or no technical expertise to get started.

We’ll be working with community partners to identify program candidates, and to make it easier for women to self-identify.

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Storytelling is how we share the things that are important to us. It’s a tool that empowers building healthy lives and communities. While it may be seen as a childhood adventure, it’s real power exists in putting it to work throughout our lives.

Stories are a way of sharing knowledge, and discovering common ground.

There are the stories we “tell ourselves” about who we are, and how we fit into the world. They may be stories we inherited from our families, our communities and our experiences. Sometimes these stories need a reboot. Engaging with others allows us to check in with ourselves to see if those stories are healthy and empowering.

We’ll be sharing courses to help us use the art of storytelling to empower ourselves, and to give a voice to women who are unable to raise their own.

We’ll be sharing the power of asking “what works?” instead of “what’s broken”, and then telling stories about those things to help people and communities do more of that.

You don’t have to be big to make a difference. Through storytelling little ripples create a broad and kinetic reach to the most unlikely places.


Asset Building

What assets do we have? What do we want?

Each of us is equipped with a unique set of assets. With each new adventure, we may find we are called on to meet it with something we feel we don’t have quite enough of yet.

What kinds of assets do we need to help “build our capacity” to create happy and healthy lives and communities? While extrinsic resources — especially the “money” part of things — can certainly ease our way into adventures of all shapes and sizes, the assets that we’re going to focus on here have more to do with our internal toolkit.

They are “a way of being” combined with “character” and “know-how”. Consider these intrinsic assets as a sort of bank account that we can make deposits into to invest in future adventures, and withdrawals from when we launch them. They have tremendous worth. These assets are our “super powers”!