How many women live in poverty in our community?

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      Poverty is such a big word. It embraces so many people in so many different contexts. While some of us may think of people living in dire circumstances in developing countries, others may feel called to understand the stories in their local community.

      This particular Scouting Party invites you to dig deeper on the latter, and to focus on women. In order to change the story, we have to understand what it is. How many women are living in poverty? And what does poverty mean? How is it measured in our community? How current is that measure? How accurate might we expect it to be?

      These are some of the questions we’ll be asking as we dig in to better understand where help is needed, and what kinds of innovation we’ll be looking to discover in other communities that have met the same challenge head on.

      This is a free-form conversation. I invite you to tuck a reply in below with links to any community resources you know of that help measure the number of women living in poverty in our community. We’ll be collaborating to use these resources to tell the story of women living in poverty in our community. Then, we’re going to use those resources to change that story!

      Let’s talk …


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