Embracing New HeartWork as the Communications Manager at InspireHUB Technologies Inc.

Embracing New HeartWork as the Communications Manager at InspireHUB Technologies Inc.

Last month I made a pretty big change.

I accepted an offer to serve as the Communications Manager for a mobile app company called InspireHUB Technologies Inc..

I’ve been doing my own thing for a really long time, but what made me want to say yes to these folks was the fact that they created a technology in response to a request from the late Nelson Mandela. He was distressed by the pediatric healthcare crisis in South Africa, and the number of women and infants that were dying because of it. (Every year at least 1,600 mothers die due to complications of pregnancy & childbirth. 20,000 babies are stillborn & another 22,000 die before they reach one month of age. In total, at least 75,000 children die before their fifth birthday.)


Madiba’s dream for South Africa’s future included providing free and accessible healthcare and education for its children.


He reached out with a request to find a way to engage natural allies to change the story. InspireHUB was born to help make that happen. A small team of people got together to create a tool that would make it easy to reach out, share stories, ask for help, and capture donations to bring a network of maternity clinics all across Southern Sub-Saharan Africa to life. That app has since grown into something that has helped the Special Olympics, a women’s empowerment program in Africa, and even a woman named Mary Millben who sings for Presidents and Queens.

While the IHUBApp by InspireHUB Technologies grew to fill a need for worthy causes, a number of other people started to find it useful too. The Town of Tecumseh put it to work as a way to engage their citizens. The Town of Greater Napanee is using it to share their festivals and invite their residents to help shape them. Cooper’s Hawk Winery is now using it to share recipes and events and interact with their clients. And a couple of industrial-based small businesses are now using it as their vendor portal. People have been finding a lot of innovative ways of putting the App to work.


I’m not doing this instead of my Better World Scout / Adventure Diva bent. I’m doing it because of it.


If you’re reading this it’s because you know me, so you know that I’m a storyteller at heart 🙂 Being asked to help tell the stories of the people InspireHUB is serving has already been great heartwork!

Count on me sharing more on my wall about the bodacious folks at Eva Wear who are moving mountains for women in Kenya, and the world changing being done by the folks at the Global PTSI Foundation for veterans battling PTSD, and Sierra Sage helping protect women and children in poverty with — wait for it — Green Goo! There’s also an incredible woman named Colleen Kosti who has gone to the mats to help rescue women from the sex trade, and to empower children at risk, and so much more.

That’s what excites me about this: that I’ve been given the opportunity to mobilize a little help behind people who are doing so much good, and often with so few resources.


If you’re curious about what I’m up to …


This is what I’ll be helping to shape in the days ahead: