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Small Business Bootcamp - Bootstrapping with Online Tools

About this course

Unlike traditional courses, this will be an invitation to work together to get out there and find the things that work in both their own and other communities (those defined by geography, and those shaped by shared goals and values); to bring those things back and test them; and to find creative ways of sharing them broadly with other women.

Learners will have access to:

  • In-person instruction both in the class, and online.
  • Forums, a sort of "digital kitchen table" where you can ask questions and share ideas with instructors and other learners.
  • An online resource centre where you can find tools, mentors, sources of funding and satellite work spaces.

The first modules will provide a simple starting point using the WordPress online content management platform. We'll kick off by asking and answering:

  1. How are other people using it to bootstrap their small business?
  2. What are the 3 most important things we can do to create an online space that helps us earn more and work less?
  3. What plugins offer simple ways of powering up marketing, selling and engaging with customers?

Modules will help learners find the best ways to keep their WordPress-powered space safe, up-to-date and easy to manage, without having to be a rocket scientist.


Course Structure