Small Business Bootcamp – Bootstrapping with Online Tools

A launchpad for small business people looking for simple, inexpensive ways of using online resources to extend their reach, engage with customers and innovate.

The initial focus will be on finding creative ways for women at risk to lift themselves out of poverty. The course is intended to make it easy for women with little or no technical expertise to get started.

Learners will be introduced to the WordPress content management system and Google Apps for Business.  They will also be guided through using key social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to amplify their reach.

Unlike traditional courses, this will be an invitation to work together to get out there and find the things that work in both their own and other communities (those defined by geography, and those shaped by shared goals and values); to bring those things back and test them; and to find creative ways of sharing them broadly with other women.

Instructor:  Sue Braiden